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Venturi Plunger


The patented Venturi Plunger is a hollow core bar stock style plunger with an orifice feature that amplifies its efficiency.  A pressure differential is created across the orifice while the plunger is rising causing an accelerated flow regime inside the tool.  The turbulent flow regime interacts via the exit of the tool helping lift.  The upper chamber acts as a mixing chamber, where the turbulent gas aerates the liquid column, making it lighter and in response more efficient to lift.  Due to the open core of this style plunger, it can be considered a “fast falling” bar stock plunger; a concept that increases this tool’s efficiency even further.  The Venturi Plunger is also equipped with wear ring indicators, eliminating caliper measurements to determine wear and “auto-catch” indent grooves to assist in successful auto-catch operations.

  • Innovative design bridges gap between continuous and conventional run plungers
  • Extreme light weight greatly reduces risk and potential for surface failures
  • Proven in a wide range of wells from low to high rates
  • Very effective in Low Gas Liquid Ratio (GLR) wells
  • Fast fall and efficient lift with no moving parts
  • Behaves like a travelling gas lift valve
  • Supersonic gas flow through the Venturi lightens liquid load
  • Variable orifice option available for fall rate control
  • Standard lengths 10" and 15"
  • Available in HT 4140 and CR 13 (L80) steel
  • Titanium options available for extreme velocity wells
  • Suggested replacement OD on all solid designs is 0.03" wear
  • All HTSR 4140 and L80 plungers are teated with zinc phosphate
  • All plungers are available in a range of sizes and metallurgy for your toughest applications
  • 2 3/8", 2 7/8", 3 1/2"; other sizes available upon request
  • Protected by Copyright, CND Patent 2,718,565 and US Patent 8,464,798 and 8,627,892


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