Well Master

Bumper Spring



The task was to build a bumper spring that is virtually indestructible along with one that can withstand minimal leakage in severely deviated tubing sections sometimes found in gas wells.  The T-Ram Canada Bumper Spring is the result of countless hours of destructive testing which exceeded all expectations.  The unit was able to withstand severe impact with over 30,000 consecutive hits.  The testing environment was similar to what can be seen in “harsh well conditions”.  The spiral fish neck mandrel assembly was designed in such a way so as to promote a radial flow regime to amplify a gaseous effect of liquid in an effort to allow immediate plunger movement once the well is opened at surface.  In addition, the ball and seat assembly has been constructed in such a way as to allow minimal fluid leakage well past 45 degrees.

  • Various hold down assemblies can be introduced as per individual well needs
  • The right choice for minimizing leakage in deviated wells
  • A spring relief assembly is available as an integrated part of the assembly if chemical treatments are required or if there is a need to drain a fixed amount of fluid from the tubing
  • Fish neck mandrel sub promotes a gaseous effect in the liquid as soon as the surface valves are opened
  • Fish neck mandrel length eliminates risk of becoming lodged in the tubing if a breakage were to occur
  • All bumper springs are rated for sour service
  • All connections are pinned to eliminate any assemblies from coming apart while in service


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