Well Master


Company History

Started in 1995, T-RAM Canada Inc. is an oil and gas optimization company whose main focus is plunger lift. We are a leading contributor in plunger lift technology and the innovator of the Venturi Plunger. Since inception we have grown to become a well-known plunger lift company that prides itself on knowledge and building relationships with all of its customers.

High speed data acquisition/analysis has always been and will continue to be the template for which equipment design and optimization are founded upon.


Employee Profiles


Grande Prairie

Rick Nadkrynechny

Director of Operations

Monique Nadkrynechny

HR & Admin Manager

Sue Henley

Business Operations Manager

Jason Kramer

Fields Operations Manager

Jim Bougiridis

Technical Sales & Service Manager

Evan Greer

Sales & Service Representative



Trevor Paulson

Sales & Development Representative

Jonathan Rogers

Sales & Service Representative



Murray Townsend

 Field Operations Manager

Cory Townsend

Sales & Service Representative